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Middle England

April 29, 2009

Middle England is not a part of the country physically but a fictional concept which describes ordinary people in England. Discretion, modesty and understatement are badges of Middle England worn like Cub Scout or Brownie.

PLU is key. (People Like Us).

Uniformity, despite a Cult of Individualism. Middle England are hard at work from the very start to get their children and comunities educated to prosper under the aegis of Church and the Fear of God. Organised Sports help cement Middle England communities further. Middle England is Protestant mainly. The more south the more Middle English, the more conservative and self contained. Most large English towns and cities will have a district or set of towns which are Middle English. Wealth is made in the large cities and towns but lived out in Christian communities around the village green.

Middle England cyclists can be spotted easily. If they are older may have cycles kept in their garage since they were at University. They may have lots of equipment, even a cycle stand. Sometimes you see a Tandem.