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Essex and Surrey

May 7, 2009

Visiting England find out who lives where. The majority of people live in cities, towns and villages and some in boats on rivers, the coast and narrow boats on the canals. Some barges and boats are moored or beached and used as homes or holiday homes. Many have more than one home, mobile home or caravan. The main location factor is what people can afford: money, wealth and savings. Education, Accent and Pronunciation are very important. The word ‘Water’ has a ‘t’ in the middle. Say Hotel not Otel like the Hugenauts. Essex and Surrey work together in The City and drink champagne in Leadenhall.

In England you may look at a house in say, Bishop’s Avenue (Millionaire’s Row), Highgate, London, but you will not be invited in unless you know the occupants personally. There is a difference between visiting and being a tourist. A traveller is something in between but this is more appropriate to Goethe visiting Italy or Mungo Park exploring Africa where it would not be unlikely to be invited in to a mud hut. If flying in to Heathrow spears are thrown at the aircraft then this is a new development.

The poor live downwind of the rich. West is rich, East is poor. But in Public Houses everyone is equal.

In London Kensington and Chelsea residents may have builders from Fulham or Essex.

Immigration into England has been going on since Vikings and Saxons colonised the island.

Tolleration of Strangers is Enshrined in to The British Constitution. Foreigners will note that in England Public Officials are very careful not to say anything that breaks the Equality Laws.

Hugenaunts, Jews and then Bangladeshis moved in to Whitechapel. Immigrants will congregate together that is natural and not against the law. The rich Heritage and Diversity is part of the British Way of Life. What the English fear is Mass Migration facilitated by ease of movement from abroad via Europe. The Fear is Working Class Fear and an Existencial One. The Middle Classes do not have this fear as in The Scout Movement there is a Sihk Future Doctor or African Prince. And they are Rather Nice People.

At a higher level almost spiritually like a biblical catastrophe the English fear The World’s heading towards Destruction and they see this as an Import from The Rest of The World. Fear Eats the Soul. (Angst Essen Seele Auf). Fear is a real rational mechanism based on Perception of The Truth though. They may see Imigration as more of an Invasion. Complete Labour Mobility will probably occur in Europe about 2015.

Under English Law everyone is Equal. There are only very few Rights which a Citizen has over a New Immigrant. Perhaps only money would make some people ‘more equal than others’.

The Jews of London live in Golder’s Green, Hampstead, Highgate, Camden, Islington, Finchley, Swiss Cottage, Totteridge, Hadley Wood and Whitechapel. Outside London they live in Bournemouth, Gateshead, Gosforth, Leeds, Salford and Stockport.

It is not against the law in England to move in to an area or street because the neighbours originate from the same country or share the same religion. Its very practical, actually.

Nigerians live in South East London and Dalston.

Irish live in Ireland not Kilburn where the Poles now live. Poles also live across in Rotherhithe. Poles also live in Chiswick. Poles can also be found in Slough and Worksop.

Japanese live on the North Side of Finchley Road as do The Russians.

Even some French people have moved to Central London because of Highspeed 1, the new and refurbished St. Pancras station and Channel Tunnel Rail Link to Paris. These French citizens are from Normandy, Pas d Callais, Lille and Paris.

There is a gap in the Channel Tunnel under Samphire Cliff to stop rabid dogs from strolling through the tunnel from France.

There are at least 500,000 Illegal Immigrants in London but no-one knows them or where they are.

There are 15,000 ‘ladies of the night’ around Marble Arch, London without passports but no-one really knows.

Bangladeshis live in Whitechapel and Brick Lane.

Gujuratis and Punjabis live in Leicester but there are Asian centres in Southall, Derby, Bolton and Burnley.

West Indians live in Paddington, (where there is a Mongolian enclave), a small group is conspicuous in Gloucester where there was once a Ukrainian community, Willesden, Nottingham and Birmingham.

Greeks live in Bayswater and Haringey and Turks in Southgate.

Kurds live in Inner Cities. Say Croydon, Barking or Ipswich.

New Zealanders and other Antipodeans live in South West London and Surrey.

The Chinese live in Chinatown.

Germans live in Richmond.

Americans live in Grovesnor Square and West Hampstead.

Portuguese live in Ladbroke Grove.

Arabs live off Edgeware Road near Marble Arch and round Hyde Park generally.

The Gurkhas live in Hythe and Folkestone.

The Army lives in Aldershot and Catterick, the Air Force lives in Oakham, Stamford, Lincolshire, Suffolk and Cambrigeshire and the Navy lives in Plymouth and Portsmouth.

Rowers live in Henley-on-thames.

Horseriders live in Newbury.

The Queen lives in Windsor. Buckingham Palace is open to the public but do not lock your bicycle to the railings.