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August 15, 2009

Lord Peter Mandelson of Hartlepool, unlike David Cameron and Boris Johnston is not known to be a keen cyclist. He owns a house in Notting Hill which was once a squat and by impure chance next door to where Bigger Splash Artiste David Hockney painted Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy. Just as well as after cycling down Westbourne Grove, Queensway is one way (the wrong way)and there are police mountian bike aces in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens if he was late for the Palace of Westminster and cut a diagonal path across the semi-wild grassy biosphere to the Park Police HQ, Init. Mandel is the German word Almond and some emigres of Lübeck marzipan bizzarly ended up in England.

Herr Mandelnuss is though, on top of his game with words and mangled the interviewer with phrases like ‘you’re not interviewing yourself’ etc (tbc) which left the BBC man in masocistic exstacy. Peter’s maternal grandfather was Herbert Morrison, later Lord Morrison – a Cabinet minister in Clement Attlee’s Labour government, and eventually deputy prime minister and leader of the House. It would be therefore unfair not to mention that Mandelson is halachically socialist.

He belongs to the niche of almost plausible left wing Israelis politicians (the ones who were at one with The Garden City Movement, Hampstead Garden Suburb and Letchworth) and would be the first Israeli Prime Minister since Benjamin Disraeli. Benjamin had a special coaching track from Camden across Hampstead to his house in Hampstead.

Lord Mandlebaum is also old enough to have carried around a Disraeli Gears album round Hendon.

Herr Mandelnuss to his credit is a great orator and may be the only one to Stop The Tories.

Under The Tories and the Old Etonian Born to Rule David Cameron what might go are:-
1. National Trust
2. National Health
3. Town Halls
4. Crossrail
5. Typhoon
6. VLAC Very Large Aircraft Carriers
7. Nuclear Power Stations
8. Tax Credits
9. Income Support
10.Conmmunity Protection Officers

Cycle Lanes out to Eton and Notting Hill would improve though with a wooden bridge over the M25.