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Holy Island

April 14, 2009

There is a bus to Holy Island from the mainland. Walk round Holy Island. Cycle across the flooding Causeway expecting to leave on the next low tide. Some walk onto the island via an ancient way. Check tides. Lock bicycle in village and walk round the island anti-clockwise. Everone on the island has the same fisher folk name: Kyle. Because of the sand dunes and very wide tidal Causeway sands cycling is out of the question. The castle is by Sir Edwin Lutyens. Cycle from the railhead Chathill to Bamburgh, North Sunderland and Seahouses. If there were no cars Bamborough would look like it was as capital of Bernicia 1200 years ago. Seahoues not ugly but just a glorified fish and chip shop. All the main features are on the Winsil, a tilted volcanic intrusion crossing Northumberland as the Devil’s Causeway forming the butresses of Hadrian’s Wall at Houseteads. Holy Island also known as Lindisfarne. The sculptor of St. Aidan state a patrician English woman lived on Causeway Road. Also accessible from Berwick. Commerce, trade and religion were on the coast or where rivers were tidal or navigable. Interiors were dense forest and hostile. The regions most picturesque place is Alnmouth. Unless staying in a caravan, stay in Newcastle, Berwick or Edinborough linked by East Coast Main Line. Be aware: buy train tickets in advance for inter-city journeys. Find the cheapest way buying train tickets and plan ahead where possible. Clearly this may be at the expence of spontanaity.