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Nottingham v Nottinghamshire

August 15, 2009

The cognative rational view of the word based sender UK BBC Radio 4 (Radio Bore) may reflect and append the views of Middle England. It is well known that part of The Foreign Office budget finances The Archers and that to get a job in the BBC Bookshop in Portland Place you are as well to be Karl Gustav Jung, Israeli and have a flat in Gay Street, Bath in Somerset, England, The World, The Milky Way, The Universe, The Catholic Herald etc etc.

According to the BBC Nottingham, at the geographical centre of England, is the Basket Case of the English Economy, a model therefore of Gordon Brown’s World. Nottingham has the lowest per capita income in England. It possesses no industry, except bars, lawyers, car valeting from derelict and abandoned petrol garages, parking, shopping, Europe’s biggest hospital and many alternative rock venues like Rock City.

Enterprise observed dispationately the local young female with Pakistani heritage Enterprise Officer employed by The Town House is hemoraged by red tape and the inane lack of entrepreneur savvi now embedded in the local indigenous population.

A typical inner city demographic split is 70% student, 10% Elderly, 5% Kyber Pass, 4% Kurdish and 1% Estonian.

The ludicrous Town House, with a single dome built on a raised Grecco-Roman plinth so rediculously pompous and high it cannot be seen from any vista, replaced and removed a thriving market of local lace and catchment area food and non-food similar to the rectilinear one now a Newark on trent. Now market trading is banned nearly because unlike Costa Coffee and Pret a Mange stalls and fly pitching bring down the tone of the Beast Market and High Pavement.

In Summer Nottingham resembles the naddir end of a DDR East German industrial town like Chemnitz with Helta Skelta, Waltzas and laid on Official Fun. These are operated by unsmiling staff who like they are on parolle.

By contrast West Bridgford, Plumtree, Edwalton, Keyworth and the rural villages beyond as the county opens up eastwards (Nottingham hugs the south west corner of Nottinghamshire) are rich suburbs and villages in idylic pastoral and woodland settings where housing stock is utilitarial and robust stemming from the wealthy times of 1845 and afterwards (tbc) when Nottingham entrepreneurs provided the bricks for St. Pancras Station.

West Bridgford with exemplaire oversized urban villas on Musters Road (tbc) contrasts with East Bridgford with it’s one shop and half way to Newark along the Trent at Gunthorpe which again overlooks the pure semi wilderness of Trent Hills.