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June 25, 2009

In Ravenscar Summer 2004 I completed a tour round the English coast by cycle. The only public building in the Yorkshire village of Ravenscar is a two story ticket office on the former railway line stop from Whitby. On the train from Hull factory worker says that 5000 Portuguese lived in Hull and this was certainly true of Boston, Lincolnshire. There is even a Ukrainian liquor store in Boston and there are Polish Delicatessen shops from Bournemouth to Worksop. The lady worker on the train from Hull to Arram and Driffield was worried that foreign cars were not insured so any victim could be lame and not compensated. No one had bothered since carrots could not be levitated in to tins Western Europe’s poorest and often smallest workers the Poruguese could seasonally help them on their way in to supermarkets.

That summer mainly young Polish workers had penetrated in to every corner of England from Folkestone to Malvern from Silsby to Rotherhithe. When Europe expanded a dollor earned in England was worth ten dollors in Poland. The United States of Europe will be formed in 2015 and there will be no restriction of workers geographically. It may be possible to make it across swamps and rivers in chains to escape persecution in say Spain.

The Worksop sandwich factory employs 1200 Poles helping exports of English food. If you are not a Pole it is not easy to find work in this giant shed. The Polish girls reacting to ambiant temperature get pregnant and soon Slavic looking girls in school uniforms are in evidence. These children reap the rewards of their parents toil.

Meanwhile the unfavoured English feel and are left behind.