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May 6, 2009

In England received culture meant families copied the rich of London Squares like Bloomsbury Square and Fitzroy Square. They in turn were mimicking the British Aristocracy and Landed Gentry. Meanwhile existed the burgeoning Neauveu Riche from Industry and Manufacture.

They copied China from China even started making it in the Potteries. There was no need, the China being ornaments decorating parlours and welsh dressers. As London developed beyond the squares with railways after 1845 the square residents became the centre of London Society.

Much earlier Pangea formed then Gondwanaland. How they know their names is a mystery?

Later in The Future Oceania was at war with empires the size of Pangea. Now this is the time for George Orwell’s (Eric Blair’s) terrible vision of the future about to happen.

Chinese and Indian culture does not love America or Europe. America or Europe need to form a Trading Block, splitting the World Asunder. Like Pangea.