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October 15, 2009

Vince Rea, MBE, Director of The Bede Gallery, Butcher’s Bridge Road, Jarrow said each personal elapsed decade revealed one elemental insight.

The Fourth Decade is Mortality, the Fifth Decade is Spirituality and the Sixth Decade is Deliverance. Travelling along Unique Personal Timelines key individual facts, known only to themselves, are registered or revealed to individuals.

German meteorologist Alfred Wegener first proposed his theory of continental displacement, later called continental drift, in 1912. Alfred Wegener ‘s insight into Creation was guided by his own invented philosophy to not look for complexity but for simplicity. Thus was it revealed cycling round Sullivan, Easter Ross, Scotland that The Oldest Rocks in the World here were once joined to New England.

Alfred Wegener’s insight joined a shortlist of similarly simple axioms used as Analytical Engines in The Inquisition I was carrying out on England and The UK Space.

The Top Ten Axioms are:-

1. Imagination springs from jungle primates visualising within the enclosure of jungles: The engine room of imagination. (There is no vista, which is Lion territory).
2. The Hopi Indians of North America have 16 words describing rabbit footprints in snow, but no word or words for ‘Time’.
3. Alfred Wegener: Look for Simplicity Not Complexity.
4. The Synaptic Nerves 500 input manifold single output yes or no after a short pause.
5. A rudimentary knowledge of computer noughts and ones, and or gates and machine code aids creativity.
6. There is nothing odd in using Microsoft Works Word Processor Thesaurus when writing poetry.
7. The Creative Engine of Modern English Art was The 1947 Education Act. (tbc)
8. The Rock Drill by Jacob Epstein was pivotal in the life of Anthony Gormley. *
9. Reading ‘Lust for Life’ biography of Vincent van Gogh provides a code for artists to follow.
10. Sea Level unaltered for 6000 years after The Ice Age effect on Visual/Optical aesthetic senses.
11. Welsh Mountain Ranger says ‘Time’ is natures way of separating everything.

* The Life and Works Artists as Guides: Vincent Van Gogh, Sylvia Plath, Kasper David Fredrick, Edward Hopper, Roy Lichtenstein, Patrick Caulfield, Robert Van der Graves, Aldous Huxley, Stanley Spencer, Vince Rea, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and John Martin. Read the artists not only rationally but emotionally and for symbols.

Cycling therefore becomes a Religious Allegory best described by taking you along a journey through Weston-super-Mare 27th July 2009 the day before the Grand Pier Weston-super-Mare burnt down.

Weston-super-Mare is enclosed by Brean Down peninsula headland, to the south and a high dark bronze age forested ridge to the north called Worlebury Hill.

Beyond Worlebury Hill is an ordinary suburb a ‘Sunder Land’ almost at where theres only one way through from Wicks Lane, Wick St Lawrence to Yeo Bank lane involving crossing a gut .

The Allegory is: The circuitous road draws one back to the World of Delivery** away from Deliverance.**

** Delivery and Deliverance are the two polar draws of the early 21st century of Consumerism and Spirituality.