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Lenton and Dunkirk

August 8, 2009

When the ex-factory girls of Lenton, Nottingham entered Lenton and Dunkirk they never left: How existencial? Before Raleigh, Boots et al were country lanes, a few Public Houses at crossroads with fields and cows at the bottom of the garden.

Some live in the same high rise flats since 1968 some 41 years or so.

These ladies now elderly remember how the world was then without Dunkirk flyover and QMC, Europes biggest hospital.

Lenton and Dunkirk are up to 70% student accommodation, the rest are immigrants from Poland, Pakistan, The West Indies and Kurdistan or indeed native elderly. The rest are either staff or patients at The Queen’s Medical Centre a huge (and ugly) self perpetuating machine of illness and death. From the outlying Post Industrial Suburbs like the Stapleford, Arnold and Daybrook the ill and injured are bussed in.

Those who know say Lenton and Dunkirk are Enterprise Free Zones devoid of ideas.

Is it because instict only allows immigrants to help themselves and the natives are old now?

Perhaps someone could start building bicycles retrospectively in Nottingham if they are young and enterprising.

The main barrier to enterprise though is lack of concensus like The Tower of Bable, offialdom, paperwork, form filling, health and safety and local fiefdoms.

There are Enterprise Officers in Nottingham who may be curruptly backing their own ethnic groups for lack of enterprise by shackled local tribespeople held down by rules.

In Hyson Green up to Canning Circus there most common enterprise is barbers and hairdressing run by Kurds, Jamaicans and Poles.