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Regent’s Park

May 13, 2009

London and prominent cities in England, even towns need specialist buildings like hostels based on the needs of the mobile population. The main groups who are mobile are businessmen, lawyers, parliamentarians, office workers, teachers, nurses, tourists, train drivers and cyclists. Hotels are far too expensive in England.

This Inertia in Building Types is due to Property Rights and Lack of Government Intervention. Thames Gateway a planned extesion to Thamesmead is in the Flood Plain as are many of the other housing schemes. Old medievil maps of England and drawings never show buildings in the Flood Plain unless they are on stilts or actually boats tethered to the shore.

Each hostel should reflect the status and function of the visitors. Each hostel should have single and shared rooms up to four maximal and have bathrooms outside the rooms of shared rooms. The most economic format is radial like Strangeways Prison. The White House Hotel, Albany Street, Somerstown near Regent’s Park in London has this layout. Six corridors off a central core. In existing street locations a more conventional layout is better. In all cases a canteen and an external locked bicycle cage.