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London, England

May 5, 2009

There may be a sea change in the world and in England regarding cycling. Aspirations to own the motor car was the symbol of aquisition. The size, noise, of a car, all the materials that it uses and the conspicuousness of a motor vehicle.

Henry Ford said ‘Cars do not Buy Cars’. So there are Jobs too. And Construction of Roads. The car also is a travelling enclosure, separate from weather.

In a modest world perhaps some parts of car factories in The United States and The United Kingdom manufacture of bicycles could occur.

But The World runs on Creation of Jobs and Consuming More. Is’nt that a very, very big Conundrum?

Meanwhile London’s one way streets may be transformed to suit cyclists. Perhaps, like Paris, mass cycle hire. Even safe cages to lock bicycles. Even showers and changing rooms for cyclists working, shopping or on holiday.

Visit London markets especially on weekends and also Friday for Portobello Road.

Visit Spitalfields, Upper Street Angel Islington, Greenwich, Deptford, Camden, Brick Lane, Covent Garden and Petticoat Lane markets. There are many other specialised markets.

London shopkeepers might realise cyclists have money pouches built in to their clothing!

Do not cycle on London streets with heavy traffic. It is deadly, and could cause you to lose your life. Avoid breathing in the traffic fumes. Cycle where traffic and cycles are separated. Most London cyclist fatalities are caused by lorries turning left. Cycle through parks, along towpaths, the new links between them and old and new dedicated cycle lanes.