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April 24, 2009

Artists in the 1930’s were deployed designing camoflague for warships or as with Joan Eardley and Stanley Spencer, painting Glasgow shipyard workers building warships. Noel Coward and Lawrence Olivier, personal friends of Winston Churcill made propaganda films. At midnight Churchill walked from under the 3 meter thick concrete slab under The Treasury, which covered The War Rooms, across Green Park shadowed by agents, to a disused Underground station between Green Park station and Piccaddily station. A diagonal subterranean tunnel also linked these two. Sir Norman Wisdom was his telephonist. He then had a drink with Coward, Olivier and Keiron Bracken a young Irish MP and founder of The Financial Times. Olivier’s film Henry V was a propaganda film. The luxury of culture distilling independently on an island for thousands of years is shown in these films and paintings. England under Elizabeth I was a Golden Age where theatre and language flourished and tiny England became influential. The English Channel, 20 odd miles wide at Dover was enough to keep out The Spanish Inquisition and Napoleon. Visit the Martello Towers, round forts on The English South Coast between Suffolk, Essex, Kent and Sussex and elsewhere, constructed to repulse Napoleon. See also France, Canada and Ireland.(tbc). There are also large forts at Portsmouth and The Thames Estuary. However, foreigners say the English are degenerate: Travelling Dover to Calais on the ferry this might appear so. The local explanation is fishing towns are interbred. Its amazing how fit and healthy the French look, though.