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April 7, 2009

Cycle through Westminster. Park and lock bicycle outside the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) gallery. Central London is better on foot. The best building is the bunker off The Mall on the left through Admiralty Arch.

Looking back at Parliament from the south river shore. Dare to knock on the MI5 building and run away. Or loiter there and see if the cameras follow you. A cycle track runs along the southern embankment once known as The Strand. The Embankment was built to canalise the Thames: before then it was just a wild river. Cross over the Hungerford Bridge or Vauxhall Bridge. A track also runs through the City on the river north side and parallel to present day The Strand.

The Peasant’s Revolt: Radical ideas like jewels combusted spontaniously under dire conditions. But the leaders were lured to public place and butchered. In England no radical ideas are radiating from central government despite most of them having studied Economics, Politics and History at Oxford. Oxford graduates are noted for their quick thinking.

Supermarkets need to be nationalised. An Emergency Tzar is needed in the Building Sector for radical new building types. These radical ideas are copyrighted. More will follow. Cycle to the Eel and Pie Shop in Greenwich from Tower Bridge.