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Newark Northgate

July 1, 2009

The earliest German railway lines were wooden in the same way Greek Temples were palm trees fluted not in stone but a scales of bark on the trunk. The pump trolly/hand car(t) gave way to the steam engine which in turn transformed into the Pendelino tilting train. Many of the early steam trains were too small the train captain having to sit on the engine. Early trains only carried children since there were so many a collision would not harm industrial production.

As they became bigger steam train guages increased and then a third class was introduced with a roof and no coal. The practice of stopping whilst passengers alighted was novel but lead to the removal of passenger catching baskets.

Tube trains lost their viewing verandas at the back of trains because there was nothing to look at underground.

British Rail arrived and departed The Great Railway Station in the Sky became Network Rail.

When National Express started using minature engineering and children only again British Rail was reborn on the East Coast Main Line.