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July 3, 2009

David Cameron is so echt he gets his bicycle stolen down Portobello Road outside Sainsbury’s. His cycle bag Ortlieb was also stolen. The Tory Born to Rule Old Etonion hung out there on his parents credit cards. As New Labour 40 years earlier the New Conservatives political dynasty emerged out of Notting Hill and Islington. He is mates with Seb Coe and William Hague who are decent blokes who go running together.

Down Portobello Road London is the Portobello Cinema the once haunt of Art Student Film Buffs. At the time in mid 1970s Notting Hill was the centre of Alternative Culture with residents including Arry Up, John Organ, Dave Brock, Hawkwind and Jimmy Page. Nick Roeg’s Performance was set in Powys Square.

One of the early cult actors Klaus Kinski a prisoner of war in Bury St. Edmonds where he studied Shakespeare. POWs drank tea but only potatoe peeling soup was administered by the Germans. POW Camps on the English Coast became Butlins or Pontins. In Germany they were taken over by STASSI or TUI.

Schwabing is the Artist Quarter of Munich and Natasha Kinski lived near Münchener Freiheit station as did Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Otto Sander, Bruno Ganz and Unity Mitford.

Klaus Kinski born in Sopota seaside town in Eastern Pomerania on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea in Danzig shared a flat with Werner Herzog in Schwabing Munich starting a strange union of existential German Hippy and Ostpreußen Schizofrenia expressed in the film Aguire the Wrath of God. Kinski and Berlin are linked by the Metropol Nollendorferplatz where he appeared on stage saying ich bin nicht der offiziell kirchen jesus.‘I am not the official church Jesus’.

From 1931 Kinski a Child of the Twentieth Century went to school in Berlin. After being a POW in England returning to find his Dead Mother.

Some schallplatten were made of Kinski reciting Villon and Rimbaud. Villon and Rimbaud lived overlooking the Grand Union Canal in Camden Town. There is a Canal Museum with the letter C missing in Islington.