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June 20, 2009

The earliest cycle in England was the Hobby Horse as aristocrats showed off but had no chain drive. The hoop and stick confounded English people as they wonderd what it’s function was. The Penny Farthing bemused many folk not being clear how the cycle was mounted. Yet it was the pneumatic tyre which heralded the emergent design of the modern bicycle. Cycling design developed concurrently in Germany and they have their own, like France generally down-market mass cycle production.

Having spent a week or two exploring England via Sustrans dedicated and designed for safety network on country roads, paths, tracks, canal-side towpaths and disused railway lines take the ferry to Hook van Holland and train to Berlin.

In Berlin Former District 61 behind Plan Ufer on the Landwehr canal is(was) (tbc) Jedderman Cafe. The Urban Krankenhaus is built in the same shape as a former water basin harbour also called Urban. The canal opposite used to branch to the Spree but was filled with rubble. Some on the curved section has been exhumed. Cycle round Kreuzberg, Templehof and Neukölln, an area of compact variety. The edge where the Berlin Wall stood, where Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Treptow meet disected by a canal and disused railway bridges out of Gorlizer Bahnhof are by far the most fascinating in Berlin geography.