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June 24, 2009

England is the most densly populated country in Europe now denser than boring flat and sinking Holland. The Polders are amomg the least populated. Walking around The Wash, East Anglia it is possible to traverse farmland and not see a single soul. In 1947 laws meant that cities were ligatured with Londoners being dumped in marshes like Basildon and Pittsea. Chemicals were also shipped to Basildon by lorry and left in swamps. The Garden City drawings were nice and as they grew old the Communist Israeli Eccentrics moved into the better New Towns of Hampstead Garden Suburb and Letchworth. Space is used liberally and there is much land grab. Letchworth though having the first roundabout the biggest and most elaborate was in Swindon.

It was long suspected that planners were not educated in anything whatsoever were subsequently demonised and just drew roads where they fancied. The built environment was still in 2D.

No counting of who is currently in England is made by Mandarins and no visionary housing plan has actually been enacted in 16 years. Strange because Government knowledge on housing is near perfect according to house building rules.

For Green Belt read Golf Course.