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May 13, 2009

England should be in a very good position to build good New Towns. The pastiche of Barn, Cottage, Georgian, Victorian and Modern has good near perfect examples in Durham County and Durham City. The unit costs however as in Thames Gateway will mean dressed up Dwelling Units Sweet Dwelling Units. Dwelling Units dressed up with mock balconies. Legislation in England is now very good to avoid the errors of older New Towns and Speculative Builders.

Henrietta Barnet et al envisaged the New Towns but the quality deteriorated in time and ‘Up North’ by the time Newton Aycliffe was built.

English modern houses often have no chimneys and look terrible. This is due to, high land cost, laziness in design and low unit cost.

Milton Keynes is the only New City. The residents like the it. Hampstead Garden Suburb is the best, Basildon the worst.

The principal layout of some New Towns was the separation of cyclists and motor traffic. This is most obvious in Cramlington.