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July 8, 2009

Just over the English border in Dunbar young Scot John Muir, north of the opencast mine of that Coastal East Lothian town, fifteen odd miles past Berwick upon Tweed which may or may not have been part of England, founded the first national park thus changing the concept of land ownership forever. Until then land in Northumberland belonged to a Robson or a Surtees or the Duke of Northumberland Harry Percy. In Aberdeen shire Scotland land belonged to the ferocious Black Douglases. Dangerously blurring the edges of a person’s occupation and only affordable in cash rich USA. He was a “Wilderness Prophet,” and “Citizen of the Universe.” Once described as, a “poetico-trampo-geologist-botanist and ornithologist-naturalist etc. etc.” The Indigenous Indians if they could speak English would say ‘you can’t buy a piece of the sky’ when shown a mining or land ‘claim’.
Confusion about which country Berwick upon Tweed is in starts (it is in England now) because Berwick upon Tweed stands watch on the North Bank of the River Tweed.
This young Scot ‘overpaid possibly and over there’ found and delimited Yosemite and Yellowstone Parks.
The National Geographic spin-off prose was so poor pictures were needed. This poverty found it’s naddir in post millenium England in Cycling magazines which are below the thoughts of anyone on a bicycle.
The other legacy of John Muir’s simple axiom was that once an organisation is formed then they and only they have hegomony in that area and everyone goes along with it.
The current hijack villains are:-
1. Any cycling fraternity
2. Any charitable deeds ‘outfit’
4. Railtrack
5. Trading Standards. No fly pitching allowed
6. Railway stations (there are no private stops)
7. Criminal Records Bureau (no one can be charitable in England if they have ignored a red light on a bicycle)
8. Any organisation with ECO in the title
9. Students forbidden to tidy up their own flats
10.YHA Youth Hostel Association
These organisations are staffed exclusively by the Lower Middle Classes. Foreigners never join a Cycling Fraternity unless you want to hear about the Romantic Life of Middle Aged Bald or Bearded Men Cyclists and how this relates to Cycle Spare Parts. In any group of cyclist there is always one shouting and leading and this is usually the Biggest Bore. Beware mostly ones wearing more than one or several colours in their cycle tops or ones that look like they took a wrong turning on the Tour de France AND and and and and and travelled by ferry to England and managed to strap strings of onions to the crossbar. Some of these continue chatting in online cycling forums presumably on an exercise bike or in the gym. Shame because The Famous Loneliness of the Short/Long Distance Cyclist is Fabled.
It would be nice to meet an “Interesting” cyclist and carry on the journey with them even if it means Turning Back.