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The Lincolnshire Wolds

September 13, 2009

Lincoln Wolds

Soham is a small market town, if Ely is a satellite of Cambridge then Soham is a satellite of Ely and beyond is a vast (almost) flat plain of Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire.

Nearby is the Littleport far inland and Barway, a dead end where once there was a bridge over to the other side (of the River Cam).

That summer Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells wandered into Soham Village College, Cambridgeshire a sunny Sunday, August 4, 2002 to visit Maxine Carr a classroom assistant.

As this story was revealed to the nation the world changed from hot August Summer to Autumn of September.

For the Baby Boom Generation and the Rest of the Nation the loss of the two girls, the Wealth of the Nation, effectively dressed in national costume (Manchester United replica shirts) like the two Princes in the Tower, ‘The most replenished sweet work of nature’, (Act IV Richard III), was a tragedy where the nation symbolically suffered the worst loss of all: The Death of Children.

Out of vision from the Fens and woodland of East Anglia, The Lincoln Wolds rise to the River Humber continuing towards Northumbria as The Yorkshire Wolds.

From Lincoln cycle north to Market Rasen. Here in this truly innocuous country town is where Ian Huntley, The Soham Murderer, in a solicitor’s office first met Maxine Carr.

Cycle north east then north where the rise of the Lincoln Wolds is rather sudden where the feeling is one of one being elevated into a heavenly place floating somehow and remote from The Carnal Earth.

Like Skybase in Captain Scarlet.