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September 1, 2009

Reverse Engineered Product Instructions from Japan and China in to English.*

From England via Germany to Hokaido:-

“Hampstead Garden Suburb, north part of the Spanish-lane Garden City movement is a huge success of the Jews in London, made itself. Letchworth
The first rotary Inteligencia left home. Such gound Basildon, other new towns such as illegal dumping of Essex on the wrong side of the swamp.
This is easier Uesutohamusuteddo synagogues stage to accept the money. 20 in world trade after the Second World War is no more than once. Saikuruhamusuteddohisu is the matrix of path inland rural areas, rural scenery of northern London. Hampstead Heath quickly through the home about, reflect on the progress of the special root Disraeli viaduct. Where the headquarters of the Admiralty signal. (Marukonireda and Hampstead Heath before the Prime Minister of Queen Victoria, as a commissioned artist’s sculpture is an implementation of the military and civilian signals Mairusutonarierumasuto). Saikuruuesutohamusuteddo to British rail. Churchill and the Jews and all, despite all the BBC have compromised the public, they really have been loved in Britain. If the work of power, it will be borne by the Jewish people. The BBC is wrong to wear a cap, the Bank of England is looking for a companion broadcast usher Darling joined the Jews. Lucky if you do not know Jewish people are kind, considerate of people around the world is. Also, please refer to themselves as the ruling class of England. Remember, the Jews were in the sadistic Spanish Inquisition, Spanish, most of them seemed upset. If the power, the Conservatives, the landed aristocracy, the traditional English, to help them. Jews lived in England all: food, clothing, shelter their own means. This information booklet for Operation Sealion GB of documents had been confirmed disappeared from Gauasutorito details. English aristocracy is currently in good time for Arabs and cheery, bright horses.The always done by the British government was Regent’s Park Kings Cross station, the mosques are competing for Marks and Spencer, the cash cream customers. Her tears and other religions are not very good with. In particular there, they are of other religions, ie, Hindus and Muslims, despite the way to deal with the English at times. If, however one of the two most flood wipe out entire countries, surprised. Saikurudaunkaitohiru and swimming in the pond, were male.”

Stanley Unwin how was your Japanese Holiday?

‘Once in a long far awow, in the Germanic land, there was a great city with Grubbelsberg or something like that, with an Obermeister-Bergelmasty who was in charge. Now there they had a surfeit or rat-suffery, where all they used to creep and out and gnaw sniff and gribble into the early mord (and the late evage) there, biting the bits of the table, also the tea-clothers; and when people were asleep in their beds, so these rats would gnaw into the sheebs and also the whiskers of those who was dangly hoaver.’

* Patent Pending