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England v Germany

May 13, 2009

The Bessemer Converter developed by a German used in England overwhelming the German Steel Industry. Differences between England and Germany start with Island v Continent, a raw geographical difference.

The Prussian territory centred on Koln an inland Berlin island, through the interior waterways of Brandenberg spread across Poland to Koenigisberg, East Prussia, short of food became a Military Empire forcing soldiers on pain of death to them and their families, to join the Prussian Army (Heer) and invade countries around them for food and resources. The weak disappeared through hunger, killing and attrition. Continental Tribes exposed to Settlers from every heavenly direction in the featureless plain of Europe became strong. This process ended with The Third Empire a fearsome force taking over Europe. In the film ‘Das Boot’ the submariners are all Kumpels. As in Nordic countries the Germans became a homogenous people all about the same.

Geographically England, by contrast, an island of substancial landmass, a milder climate, and convenient river inlets with enough food to feed the population, despite The Scout Movement, allowed the underclass to build the railways rather than murdering them. England unlike the Germanic Tribes became unequal and Class Ridden. In the Navy the Ratings have to wear rediculous pantaloons whist the Officers wear smart uniforms and have servants on board. The English became degenerate in the absence of Natural Selection. As in India every generation has its slaves. In Noel Coward’s propaganda film ‘In Which We Serve’ each class is represented but only Cockneys, Surrey School Boys and Scots. The subgroups of North Somerset, Scousers and Geordies were conspicuously absent. Then it was too riske to accept these people as bone fide cultures and afterall they had only recently (1830) been taught to read and write. Tsk!

In Europe though the cycle of Economics has changed dramatically with the Euro, Continental Europe like the Spanish Inquisition and England and the Pound Sterling like Queen Elizabeth I. Fritz Deutsch either had his foot on John Smith’s throat or vise-versa no longer applies.