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Ruhpolding to Bunny

August 23, 2009

Cycling up to Ruhpolding from Rosenheim would be an option but for the train journey to the nice dead end Bavarian resort of Ruhpolding. You may be The Four Mary’s or Four Go Mad in The Country mit lederhosen or not but the beauty of Ruhpolding is that it is maybe the first tourist trap and ringed by 1500 meter Bayerische Alpen and ring fenced by electric fences if you stray off the beaten track; How German!

See Ruhpolding used to have Essen factory workers near or already retired (in ruhestand) (in abendland) and very grey and tired looking from the wirtschaftswunder.

Young English (or German) couples however can break out from circuitous trodden paths to direct steep fluted tracks or scree slopes in the bergschrund across private electric fences, escaping therefore to the ridges overlooking the paradise of Ueber Bayern beyond see.

Bunny in Nottinghamshire near Bunny Hill a watershed to Loughborough beyond is open. The fields often have no gates optically giving visual and physical access to the slightly out of reach ridges where people seldom go but look up to as if glimpsing into The Night of Dreams, The Other Side or the Paradise of the Everyday albeit on a blazing August with a Perfect Cooling Breeze.

On a summers day Bunny Lane (Gotham Lane) in an ordinary way is The Most Perfect Place in England.

Groups of cyclists are often seen time trialling often on Racing Bikes thirty or forty years old, like Raleigh or Peugeots even Eddie Marx.