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Bovey Tracey

August 10, 2009

‘lost in a thorny wood, That rents the thorns, and is rent with the thorns’

Rend: to tear or be torn violently. Render: a substance similar to stucco but exclusively applied to masonry walls. Rendering: a performance.

Water, energy and food. These will determine the ending of the world. Food, clothes and shelter are what, ladies and gentleman, do you require. Workhouse, Soup Kitchen and Bicycle Factory: These three are exactly what Young Gentleman require facilitated by stripped down beaurocracy and forced direct labour.

The constant of Sea Level around The UK over 6000 years. Existing and surviving within a very very small diurnal and anual temperature range. This thought sparked in my mind the first day of spring 1995 running down Frankfurter Allee, East Berlin eastwards.

On a more earthly note the British Government Chief Scientist has realised We Are Doomed and England will have to Grow Its Own Food like in World War Two.

Collective Allotments are the best where selfishness is purged and already in Bovey Tracey, Devon a English Heritage/National Trust derelict garden is being revived.

This time because of Ruth in The Archers being from Northumberland Geordies can work in the Posh Gardens too. What a rural idyl this Dartmoor Garden. It will have derelict walls with pointless romantic gates and stuccoed capped walls with ivy.

The main tasks are rescue the orchard with a cythe. Pick and store the apples and blackberries.

The thorn bushes grow in the absence of cultivation, encroaching on the small enclosure within a year. The barbs are surprisingly pernicious, lets say, for such a mild country. Their design is to rip in both directions and one needs a machete. A helicopter would be handy, what with all these people and you could land on a lawn in the Mendips.

‘Its too late. Its too late.’ said the Mad March Hare.