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Belsize Park

May 9, 2009

Anglophile is a foreigner who remains a foreigner but likes England: The Italian film director Franco Zeferelli was one of these. Some visitors stay and become part of the fabric of life and culture in England especially in TV, Broadcasting or Entertainment, often living in Kentish Town, Camden Town, Primrose Hill or Belsize Park so as to be near studios and the BBC.

Clive James, an Australian is a comentator on contemporary English Life. His sentiments have become pesimistic, refereing to Prospero’s Lost City recently and a shower of arrows launched, still in the air, but not landed quite yet.

This image is from Lawrence Olivier’s Henry V at Agincourt. An image so strong it formed the finishing lines of Philip Larkin’s Whitsum Wedding so:-

‘A sense of falling, like an arrow-shower
Sent out of sight, somewhere becoming rain.’

Clive James is not a cyclist but travells to work from Camden Town by Underground.