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London Fields

April 6, 2009

London Fields

No other experience takes a provincial or a foreigner through London better than a trip walking or cycling east (or west) along Grand Union Canal. Start at Camden and follow the submerged (sic) tunnel under Upper Street, Islington emerging south of the antique emporium. Penetrate east London via De Beauvoir and Victoria Park optionally branching to Stratford via Hackney. Offset is London Fields. Very worth a detour to this most onomatopeic of locations.

The quirky oddness of English was explored in the modern era best by Martin Amis and A A Gill often in the cultural distillery/cauldron of Islington (or Notting Hill Gate) a dense block of gothic housing squatted by the left ruling classes now under a waning star. Many will be in Provence by now. Profitng by buying up squats and infiltrating housing associations when hippydom was over.The origins of the Labour Party political dynasty are in Islington.

Most money is wasted on the generation of universal university attendance people too complex to understand the simplicity of what a citizen needs quarenteed from a government, namely food, clothes and shelter. The government does not feature in any
of these?

Amis describes this time. A A Gill explains modern English culture. England, uprooted from conservative culture after 1945 by 1970 began wasting oil money. Money never gets to the end user. Much of this is because no-one understands neither the syntax nor the semantics of what anyone is saying: a modern Tower of Babel.