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August 19, 2009

Germany and Berlin soon to be in ‘Aufschwung’ means that Berliner (Ich bin ein Schmalzbrod) cyclists could fly to East Midlands airport and see some echt England.

Southwell or Suthl the locals say Southwell and the northernmost outpost of King John’s ‘civilized’ world.

Between Nottingham and Sherwood a cemetary the dead were burried where they fell. Significant where Freemen fought against authority.

Southwell Minster also ‘free’ to the north of Nottingham. Minster means ‘Cathedral Church of a Free State’.

Nottingham is furthest from the sea, the local resort is Ingoldmells 75 miles away across wide and flat Lincolnshire and Skegness the terminus of a long railway from The English Midlands dedicated only to holidaying, funfairs and caravans . Who knows Mapplethorpe knows much about the people of the Midlands.

On a sandstone buttress across a vast Ice Age outwash plain the outcrop is riddled with caves: These can be visited.

A wide swath of south east Nottinghamshire is the soggy flood plain of the River Trent, a river which defines The Midlands. Despite endless strings of gravel pit lakes and wildfowl refuges there are no outdoor swimming Lidos in the whole of Nottingham County.

Therein lies a clue to Nottingham. The city is divided between the wealthy of country and poor of city. The wealthy are bordering on upper middle class nearly of Edwalton , West Bridgford and Southwell, but the vast majority reside in West Bridgford are dyed in the wool average English remote, complacent and aloof middle class based on formations from West Bridgford Scouts and Girl Guides. These have a historic self confidence Radcliff a Richard of Gloucester adjunct.

The poor are represented by a Pakistan Moslem faction in The Town House.

Significantly and in practice West Bridgford is guarded by the Trent across bridges and The Meadows which floods and rivulets once lapped the battlement threshold of Nottingham Castle.

Nottingham is therefore a microcosm of England. In common Nottinghamshire rich and poor is Secrecy in modus operandi. They do things without asking the people, the population because they can. There is taxation without representation.

Nottinghamshire will go on as the World’s globe or orb goes round. Nottingham however is a sick patient on a life support system, on a drip indefinitely. It is the poorest city in England.
The Salvation Army was founded in sad Sneinton hidden away from the tourists but exposing the vice of snobbery.

Nottingham wants to hide it’s past never mentioning Raleigh and Wills on Lenton Boulevard on the other side of the city and adjacent to Hysen Green the haunt of immigration and ladies of the night.

The vice of upper working class snobbery resides in the Town House yet the disinherited Indigenous Warts are not represented almost disenfranchised. The Mayor is a Pakistani Muslim. All the towns taxi drivers are from the Khyber Pass.

The Town House has no provision for young urban poor preferring to let them wander in from St. Annes, ignore them or find money for an annual funfair. This lack of pride in their own lads means nothing is done for them. This is the Sick Health and Safety, the overbearing Trading Standards who should be keeping restaurant kitchen’s clean.

Nottingham is Tops for Nightclubs, Car Parks, Shopping, Football and Cricket.

Remedies for the above are:-
1. Allow free market stalls and fly pitching to encourage unfettered enterprise
2.Build a City For The Homeless (A Workhouse) to Hide them from filtering through below the Town House
3. De-Ghettoise Students
4. De-Ghettoise Poor Areas
5. Promote blackberry picking, fishing and allotment cultivation on derelict parks and open spaces
6. Build A Bicycle Factory manned by Young Engineers
7. Create a Lido
8. Build a Workhouse for Directed Young Labour
9. Build a Workhouse for Directed Old Labour
10. Promote cycling and organic nutrition, build a high speed train to London and stop the cars on the Rennbahn (Ringbahn)

It’s a Numbers Game though, (too many Post-Industrial Poor) and Central Government wants to stop The Regions shinning outside London.