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April 22, 2009

Artists painted visions in a darker shortened life sometimes their lives being intense and brief, or their parting sudden. Many of these gifted to the nation or bequethed via generousity or a wish to posthumously reach a maximised wider audience. These paintings are housed in large Victorian or modern London galleries. Nations treasure those paintings. In London there are also the Victoria and Albert Museum and The British Museum. There are libraries in both of these museums. The most exotic dark experience is the V & A which has unusual exhibits like the torture of St. Margaret in the form of a dark oak Bavarian chapel altar. Remember it is exhausting to try and see all of the pictures so be selective and dwell in specific rooms. There is something perfect about a chapel, church or gallery where time passes without any of the tortures of the once banal, once real world. In a world where there are too many people the luxury of silence and a scarcity or absence of people is to be sought out. Try it! ‘You’ll be glad you did!’