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London City – Pimlico

April 22, 2009

Walking round Central London is much easier now than it used to be. With the background of icons like Big Ben this can be enjoyed in itself. A distraction. As Vince Rea once said Art Dresses The Real Brutal World. London Tourism is animated by distinctive London vehicles. The Signage and Mental Maps of London Underground burnish the Tourist Experience. As part of World Cities the northern edge of Trafalgar Square was blocked off to traffic. London’s circulation design modifications makes it easier to walk around. In the London galleries sit there for hours looking at very big paintings or find out what the artist intended. Often there is much more in a painting than at first glance. Remember, many paintings were creations of artist working without electric lighting often by candlelight, before photography and television. This would enable them focus on their creations.
Although there are continental and foreign collections, spend time looking at big paintings by English Artists Stanley Spencer, Paul Nash, J M Turner, The Pre-Rafaelites and John Martin. Seeing religious or alegorical paintings, leads to an uplifting experience at the top of the gallery stairs leaving The National Gallery or Tate Britain. Back in to the world of reality these experiences may have delayed benefit years later.