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June 29, 2009

According to Newton’s Second Law of Thermodynamics heat moves from hot to cold. According to weather and climate principles these swirl round each other creating a ‘Hagenkreuz’. Strange then that symbols used in weather forecasts are Runic.

Lans von Liebenfels in contradiction to Newton’s Second Law of Thermodynamics dreamed that Nordic Warriors emerged from the Northern Ice spreading abroad breeding southwards. Its only a story. The cycle of Ice Ages would mean that Germans, Swedes, Danes, Walloons, New Flemish Alliance NVA and the extreme right Vlaams Belangand and Norwegians would have some sort of commonality. It would explain ice blue eyes common among Nordic Tribes. A naturally efficient way of reflecting light off the glaciers.

Most plausible however is that Jörg Lans von Liebenfels, Guido von List, Hans Horbiger and others were disenfranchised and wanted revenge on the common people below them. This happened in England after WWII where socially high ranking architects were forced to build dwelling units (plattenbau) so made them as bad as possible.

It seems that Vienna did stamp Hitler’s views of the world. However this was done in a way old people in England now remember as being normal. This is single most important value of old people: The Elderly are a Window on the Past.

The modern equivalents of Jörg Lans von Liebenfels, Guido von List, Hans Horbiger and others are Rich Kids pretending to be Hippies down Portobello Road but all the time they are using parents credit cards and escaping to country estates at the weekend when they get bored with Notting Hill.