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Rugby Warwickshire

August 30, 2009

To fathom The English Midlands in the New Century you must cycle into it carrying a degree certificate in your Ortlieb waterproof satchel, a degree presumeably in The Proverbial Bleedin’ Obvious.

To understand immigrant multicultural England you have to have stood on Rugby station and have your Indian Train Captain stick his hand out stopping you boarding the Virgin Pendelino Manchester bound train only to be over-ruled by the local White Girl Station Master phoning ahead and allowing you on.

If you are Lancastrian the Yorks do not love you, or you or you.

It takes a while t observe what happened in the Midlands.

Coventry-born Sir Frank Whittle’s aircraft manufacturer in Wartime English Rugby, with its village green centre air of a parochial solicitor’s office and Public School heritage emblematic and central to England.

Radial chalked railways are ghost lines in to Rugby a lost crossroads of a faded country. On the platform, a vision of biblical desolation with lost souls costmued like the ethnic culture pictures in an old school geography book.

This diversity is refected across in the East Midlands, ending in the oft White Trash enclave backwaters of Ilkeston, Erewash, Heanor and Sutton in Ashfield and over to the more rustic Sutton on Trent to the The Genetic Central Heartland of Indigenous White England.

These are not poor, motorised they retreated in business secrecy and rural geographical location policy to the hills of Staffordshire and Derbyshire sidestepping the invading hordes in to the damned Sodom and Gemorah cities of Leicester, Derby and Nottingham, and the town of Loughborough.

Meanwhile ignoring the poor Universities developed as independent cities only driving through the riff raff to get into lecture at a comfortable ten o’clock especially in colegiate Leicester, Derby and Nottingham, and the town of Loughborough. In Lenton and Dunkirk 85% are demographic students and do not vote.

Unloved they leave flats trashed and rubbish in the streets only to be pilfered by the local poor.

Aging white Stake Holders are forced on to the back foot. All groups armed with their religions vie for position. Mosque domes emerge from the wreckage like Giant Mushrooms in places like Forest Fields.

In These Mean Times, London Road, Leicester becomes a wealthy Asian Hilltop Village and lowly Loughborough Road becomes entirely Asian in a generation.

On the the most crowded island England population increases send Waves of Fear among the population. West Indians join in condemnation of ‘Foreigners’.

At about the same time on the West Bridgford Dyke s Gujurati/Panjabii woman in national costume walks her wolf like Alsation as the Lowland Residence leaves morality to daft ordinary people to socially order themselves. The LaLa Trumpton Lady Bay woman keeps on minding it’s business.

After Big Bang which was the deregulation of The City of London opening Polite Softies to all The Savages of World Business and their Savagery but leaving the English Poor to Suffer The Consequences.

Ah well! As an old Brahmin proverb says ‘Every Era has It’s Slaves’.

Modern Industry Offices are young, multi cultural with a Great Happy Future.

The battle of Earthly Religions is fighting a skermish floating as cloud figures over England.

People watch this battle from below knowing once its over they will be dead.