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May 28, 2009

Berlin has stations Ostkruez, Westkreuz, Nordbahnhof and Suedbahnhof around Hauptbahnhof. There are derelict stations Ahhalterbahnhof, Hamburger Bahnhof and Gorlitzer Bahnhof, the so called Kopfbahnhöfe.


May 11, 2009

From Middlesborough by train through the Yorkshire Moors to Whitby. Simply Divine. The best fish and scampi and sit down fish and chip shops are in Whitby, the best ice cream and the best cliffs beyond. Take the railway viaduct to Ravenscar or start the journey on the cliff path. You’ll be glad you did!

Upper Heyford

April 11, 2009

Upper Heyford

During The Cold War standing at the dip under the runway a F111A took off from Upper Heyford every minute. The swing wing aircraft were carrying nuclear bombs. Most American Air Bases in England however were and are in East Anglia at Bentwaters, Mildenhall and Lackenheath. During the first Gulf War hundreds of A10 Warthog Tank Busters were in the sky over Suffolk. Summer air shows in the 1970s at Greenham Common near Newbury were spectacular but those days won’t come back, unfortunately. Aviation accidents mean displays are recently more constrained. Farnborough shows both commercial and military aircraft. Travel to Farnborough from Waterloo London railway station and cycle along the Basingstoke Canal and watch from afar. Time passing means that the Grumman F111 and McDonald Douglas Phantom F4 look like Vietnam war period aircraft. Time passes: During the Second Gulf War a Mosqito aircraft crashed into Aconcagua mountain glacier Argentina after the Second World War revealed by melting half a century later. Pause in Duxford aircraft hangar and see the complexity of aircraft underneath fuselages and wings of half built renovated aircraft and perhaps compare this with human anatomy. Duxford, near Cambridge houses the American Air Force Museum and large collections of other mainly RAF aircraft. Fairford in Gloucestershire is the main air show for The West Country. Imprints of abandoned airfields are left in maps but are harder to detect cycling past them. Cycle to Upper Heyford from Oxford. Visit Blenheim Palace on the way back to Oxford.

West Drayton

April 10, 2009


From the air Heathrow looks like The Star of David but this is pure co-incidence. If transporting a bicycle to England by air in the aircraft hold as you travel, buy a ‘bike bag’ whereby the bicycle can be schlepped on the shoulder and reassembled at the destination airport. Modern bicycles are light aluminium. Foreigners are greeted at Heathrow by images from all the main earthbound religions Islam, Christian, Buddhist and Hindu. A multi-denominational Chapel is prominent at Gatwick as most airports. Wherever Roman cities and towns grew so did Jewish influence. 1258 – Hagin fil’ Rabbi Moses of Lincoln, was the Arch-Presbyter, an extremely wealthy member of the community. Since Cromwell cleverly admitted a Jewish cemetery in London, England is synonymous with religious tolerance. Unanimously, England a sanctuary from The Spanish Inquisition, monolithic papal power and barbarity. The Jews most obvious quirk in England is they do not like you knowing their business. Cromwell used the Jews as a network as spies as far as Goa and beyond.

Early Mosque Laygate, South Shields for Yemen community. All major towns and cities in The Midlands and North of England have prominent Mosques. In Newark a bingo hall is modelled on a Mosque and may been once used as a Mosque. Regent’s Park Mosque, London prominent copper dome not a stone’s throw from American residency. Cycling through Regent’s Park is allowed only on limited tracks or on the Inner and Outer Circles. Visit Primrose Hill directly and Camden Market via the Grand Union Canal. Camden Lock Market from Camden Town Tube or Chalk Farm. Visit Little Venice and Portobello Road also from Regent’s Park but there is a tunnel under Edgware Road.

Dollis Hill has a Viriswammi Temple reached by cycling to Queen’s Park towards Willesden from Portobello Road. Cycle out to the warehouse and food factories of Southall via the Grand Union Canal via Park Royal London’s food manufacturing area. This was the city boundary in 1910 when Heinz and tinned food production arrived from the United States of America.

England’s foreign policy to contain war abroad possible only by being an island with the English Channel it’s greatest asset. Looking at nearly all the British Navy in port because of summer holidays and expensive fuel from the St Malo ferry looked rusty,dated, somehow inappropriate. The class system more and more appears to have been learnt in India. Europe is not much use to England except for trade.

Hinduism is a geographical religion linked to India only. Crossing The Black Ocean (The World which is not sacred India) When the Raj Mogul visited Southampton to visit Queen Victoria he did not leave the ship garlanded and part of India. The River Sour, Leicestershire is a holy Hindu river now.

Patak, once from Uganda have a curry factory in Lancashire. In Watford there is a India Millionaires Row at Manor Park. Alight here from the Metropolitan Line which may allow cyclists and cycle to Manor House golf course. Find the canal and cycle back to London via the grand Union canal. Pinner is noted as typical suburbia as much as Surbiton, near Wimbledon. Use the Thames path to access Wimbledon Common, Kew, Richmond Park, Teddington, Kingston and Sudbury using Silverlink North London Line. Be selective about slicing through Suburbia. Remember the canal towpaths have no vehicles or vehicle exhaust. Try the branch canal to Slough and visit Windsor following the rail viaduct to Eton.

Bangladesh is the main origin of the majority of curry restaurant staff not India. Brick Lane is the centre for Indian (Bangladeshi)food but travel by Underground or bus not on a bicycle.

Christianity in England is mainstream Protestant and Catholic. In industry both Catholics and Protestants fair about the same. The wealthy shires are protestant and are not ashamed of wealth like the catholics. A typical shire church as Hawkesworth, Nottinghamshire or Norton Disney, Lincolnshire would be Protestant. London churches are diverse and rooted in location as Greek Orthodox in Bayswater, Swedish and French in Soho, Christian Scientist in Surrey and African in Dalston Kingsland. Alight from North London Line to see how one district quickly changes to another as from Islington to Hackney, West Ham to Canning Town. Notable churches are those of Hawkesmoor or Sir John Vanburgh on Old Street, Spittalfields and Silver Town. A tour of London churches by bicycle should start at St. Paul’s cathedral in the centre of The City emptied of traffic weekends except on thoroughfares.

South Africans with Afrikaans and English heritage are noted networkers using a church as a basic for temporal wellbeing living mainly in the south west of London typically Wimbledon. German schools are in Richmond.

London like American cities Chicago in particular is ethnically centred. Like the Nigerians live in South London as the Irish used to live in Kilburn or Lewisham. Further south east its almost like there’s a big sign “Whites Only”. The border line is Eltham. The overtly white areas in Kent are Bromley, Bexley, Sidcup, Chislehurst to Orpington and then it gets patently posh outside the M25 motorway at Sevenoaks. In Orpington fish and chip shop they only sell white bread but this is to do with unpretensiousness and tradition. All these places can be visited from Charing Cross and Waterloo. From Kent cycle back to the Woolwich ferry and visit Eltham Palace via the South Circular Road. Return to London via North London Link.


April 8, 2009


To visit Walberswick take the train from Liverpool Street to Ipswich, Suffolk. Transfer to the Lowestoft deisel and alight at Darsham station which is on a main road junction. Cycle to Dunwich. Walberswick near Southwold across a tidal marsh.
Southwold has recent new pier. Walk to Covehithe. Return to London via Lowestoft.
If staying around Woodbridge visit Orford Castle, Orford Ness and Shingle Street. You’ll be glad you did!

Dover – Felixstowe

April 7, 2009

Dover was the first entrepot for England in Roman Britain. Indeed Hadrian, not looking too unlike Derek Jacobi may have stayed in the Roman hotel in Dover.
Much of England was flooded especially in the Fens. Ely an island. Shorelines shifted after a storm as in Porchester. Romans had no underwater roads. Raised wooden walkways into anglian strongholds the drawbriges of their time and heavily guarded. Some villages disappeared miles offshore as in Norfolk. All these places are accessible from London. Visit Shingle Street, Suffolk from Liverpool Street station. Beware though, because of coastal erosion paths are makeshift on cliffs. Its seldom pebble beach spits offer cycle pathways.It is a great effort to shove a cycle and coastal villages are 10 miles appart: Worth it though for the isolation, the sanctuary thus achieved.

Shakespeare Cliff

April 4, 2009

The Samphire Pamphlet

The Folkestone Manifesto

“Pink, pink and more pink!” :-Folkestone retired sailor on seeing a girl child cycling past the welk stalls.

The children of the lumpenprolatariat wear pink shell suits from Folkestone Asda made in China from a warehouse near Southampton: A Revolution, but in distribution. Yet the container ships passing along the Aermelkanal, Le Manche (The Sleeve), the English Channel, have dwindled, from my fourth floor room on The Leas.

Underneath Shakespeare Cliff two ancient London toffs on their way to a ‘FKK frei korper kultur’ sea swim remind me that England was a country of 25 million whites only in the 1950s,with no strangers, when only a few very good swimmers might enter, and the end of the country as an island had begun. A great glacial flood had, in one day, started this separation when England was cut off from Europe 15000 years earlier.

Churchill, England’s greatest historian, like Cromwell a Protector of the Jews, had about that time proposed a United states of Europe – with England outside it. Nicholas Ridley later described the modern continent as a German racket. Folkestone, a microcosm of England, meanwhile rots.

The decay is palpable, emblematic in the dereliction of Folkestone Harbour boat train station, certainly a victim of Beeching’s pruning of the rail network.

“England is a small country, please keep your voice down”. This imaginary sign, in letters one meter high was placed at the new Gatwick airport American Airlines Jumbo Hub. Inexplicably it was never heeded as former colony tourists invade England.

Left to its own devices, then the English mainland from Devises to The North Foreland would become the continuum of Ecumenopolis. Spain already covered with marble villas up the canyons on near 45 degree slopes, is over here buying airports and rail companies.

John Betcheman, alarmed at the spread of Mock Tudor along linear settlements at Petts Wood: Yet cities are contained by green belts, national parks, the south west’s natural spirit of separateness, and the overt quirky indigenous snobbery of remote English towns. (Leek, Congleton, Godalming, East Grinstead etc etc.

England will be the last refuge, we dying at the World’s End, King’s Road, like.

In Meanwhile Gardens though, whilst we still have an interest.

The Folkestone Manifesto –

‘Local goverment stifles, petrifies and straightjackets city centres and natural economic responses. Councils have to abolish themselves to save money.

No hospitals. Knock them down. There is no need in society for doctors. Doctors, front men for the pharming community and medicine is doctors sinning at the Tree of Knowledge. Health is entirely the affair of families.

Futures dealers to be catapulted off Beachy Head.

England needs, with immediate effect to withdraw from Europe at every level. A very large sign, easily readable from Pas d Calais, saying “F U * K O F F”. i.e. please fu*k off permanently, for ten years so we can work out what to do with you next.

Accept willingly Arab states are in to world domination through civil aviation, and sell off airports to the Emirates. They will always be afford to buy aviation fuel. This runs out in 2016.

Force old people into and dressed as the Home Guard. Direct Labour. Labour needs to be directed from inner cities to East Anglia in the summer.

The Freedom of Information Act is only workable when read hanging upside down in front of a mirror.

Get Shot of A Scot. Independence From Scotland. Foreigners value three things from Britain most, oil, whiskey, and tartan. Tough, misses out there. Get shot of a Scot from your office today and free up top level jobs. Who will rid me of these golf courses? As soon as all the Scots are back over the border (train, plane, hill walking etc) all golf courses in England will be closed.

Re-educate those with socially divisive attitudes. Perhaps this could be linked to humane directed labour. The central unresolved core dilemma is how to make people do things without the mechanisms of wages. Violence a state monopoly is forbidden?
Demonise the middle classes. The planet does not need saving, but the people do.

Cycling only no Cars. That way flying can still be cool.

The Germans by the way wanted Kent, West Sussex and Normandy to be part of the same region.’

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island

April 4, 2009

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island

“If I ever forget my NI number that will mean I have lost my memory”

Known as the Sceptred Isle the condition of a city or town of the island is reflected in the city or towns slot in sports tables as Southampton, Leicester, Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, Coventry and Derby have declined. All inland except Southampton. Portsmouth nearby has flourished. But Hull and Stoke is a conundrum and anomoly requiring explaination. What of Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesborough?

Charity is a middle class racket in the UK. Oxfam, which now have branched out to Berlin only employ middle class people in their outlets. The shop in St. Marylebone Lane, sold me a poetry anthology, albeit in immaculate condition, for more than the original price of £2 10s, some 45 years after printing. Clothes and books are absurdly overpriced, often equivalent to new commercial prices. The West Bridgford shop employs old middle class ladies who are disdainful at best, and the Hockley, Nottingham branch has a younger set who use the shop as a disco. Of course, all are armed with language skills and arrogance and can swiftly disarm a customer with well chosen words.

Facilitated by euphemistic and vague use of language by default exploited by charity managers and staff, who whilst being nice personally, preclude lower class involvement, except in handing over cash, clothes and books.
Acting independently, the educated will siphon off cash for themselves, or when on charitable deeds abroad, which invariably are their typical sunny holiday hotspots, like Kerala, will treat these trips like holidays, and say take only a cursory glance at the rabid dogs the money was for.
Ask, however what the money was spent on, dirty looks are cast, and evasive language quickly deployed. The middle classes have immediate access to food, clothes and shelter from charity shops.
Then in 2003 in Kerala, India, my posh hotel neighbour for a month , a wealthy woman from Oxford allegedly helping dogs with hydrophobia, who never left her room unless for sunbathing, apart from one meeting in the capital Trivandrum, in a motorised rickshaw hired for the day.
Charity is now being hijacked in the snootier parts of town, by Waitrose, who in their new Newcastle store have a choice several charities, all in their own territory of Jesmond. Similarly, in Gloucester Road, the benefactors are fee paying schools in Kensington. Their check out staff are forced to force this on their customers.
The only deserving charities are those helping old people, a growing social group, but who are targeted also for their money. Cynical as one might be tempted to be about this charity, the old people of the country are deserving of charity and the more organised the better.
There is nothing worse than being old, and nothing more unkind than neglecting them. Care for the old makes a civilisation civilized.

The English have learnt to exploit each other at all levels and have exported this to America, Australia and elsewhere. This is enforced by ‘mind your own business’ and through secretly using training, knowledge and information to promote oneself and autonomous groups. Nottingham, Durham and Southampton universities have built universities for foreign students mainly, and even have whole universities in holiday locations like Malaysia. Astute and aloof these people did not ask anyone if they could.

Tax Credits are a Halloween (clever people frightening the poor) method of extracting money and tributes from the poor.
There will shortly be a downward charm offensive launched by the middle classes, like a hippy joining a worker’s colony. Apparently we will be all in this together.


April 4, 2009


Nothing illustrates the great divide in the You Kay (UK) as Jesmond to Jarrow. Inward investment into the North East never leaves Jesmond or the environs of the university and hospitals. There are no stem cell research laboratories in Tyne Dock. The research carried out where the bus station was in central Newcastle, will help a fat Gosforth woman conceive despite not being beautiful in the eyes of any beholder. Meanwhile school attending teenagers are starting families in Low Fell. Top echelons of the whole region of work drive back to sleep in Jesmond. Newcastle United fans are not the vernacular ones seen on TV but the wealthy within walking distance of the stadium. Jesmond has more private schools than Soft Mick: the highest density geographically in Great Britain.

It starts with Jesmond schools which cream off the best from East Boldon, even Sunderland. They commute like early morning fops pontificating all the way to Jesmond Metro. Suitably educated they then sneer at the regions ordinary children who meanwhile have been denuded of any education or chance. Jesmond educated children will drift through a charmed middle class career locally without having to let go of their mothers pinny.

Jarrow has always had a conservative MP often working as three line whip bouncers or solid party men. The best they could have got in the scheme of things. For historic reasons good for soviet semi-autonomous Komsomlomsk conservative Jarrow.

United Kingdom

April 4, 2009

United Kingdom

Cycling or Rambling (Walking) in the UK. When in the countryside older groups of organised ramblers walk canal towpaths or cut across watersheds on horizons the most famous being Kinder Scout or Stanage Edge in the Peak District. On Helvelyn in The Lake District there is a steep drop on Striding Edge. Cycling occupies not these heights but the lower valleys, Neanderthals, networked and signposted across the United Kingdom. Since many of these are on disused railway tracks, then these link ailing or modern cities offering a journey through history. Remember it is possible to lock a bicycle and climb into the wilderness. The Downs in the Iron Age bald hills, the only clear path in a country covered in forest. The new park of South Downs stretching from Winchester to Eastbourne is centred on the South Downs Way for rambling and walking. Cycle with an Ordnance Survey map flanking or crossing the Downs to the coast.

When visiting cities on a bicycle park and lock the bicycle and visit the art gallery. This can be spiritual, biblical especially if the pictures are big as in John Martin in Newcastle and London Tate Britain. A gallery is often cheap or free lost in another world for a whole afternoon. In Newcastle the gallery was from plans built facing the wrong way causing the designer woe. Some of the best paintings are in the basement not on show. Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinborough, Carlisle, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Oxford and Cambridge all have notable art galleries.
London has a whole district of specialist galleries around Exhibition Road accessible by bicycle from Hyde Park. Walkers and ramblers can alight at South Kensington underground station with a special dedicated tunnel from there under Exhibition Road.
Coventry has a new transport museum with every British vehicle and bicycle ever made. In Durham the cathedral and the river incised meander walk, city itself is more interesting.