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May 12, 2009

‘England will be the last refuge, we dying at the World’s End, King’s Road, like.’

The Dover Pamphlet

Vive La Difference

England Needs A Public Sculpture Readable From Aircraft, Satelites and Space saying:-

‘T U R N..R O U N D and F U * K ..O * F’ in the Chalk Downs.

England was a country of 25 million in the 1950s,with no strangers, when only a few very good swimmers might enter, and the end of the country as an island had begun. A great glacial flood had, in one day, started this separation when England was cut off from Europe 15000 years earlier. The gorge was too wide for a rope bridge and too deep to scale.

Churchill, England’s greatest historian, like Cromwell a Protector of the Jews, proposed a United States of Europe – with England outside it. Nicholas Ridley later described the modern continent as a German racket. Folkestone, a microcosm of England, meanwhile rots. “England is a small country, please keep your voice down”. This sign Gatwick airport unheeded as former colony tourists invade England. The English mainland would become Ecumenopolis. England will be the last refuge, we dying at the World’s End, King’s Road, like.

In Meanwhile Gardens though:-

The Dover Pamphlet

‘Councils have to abolish themselves to save money. No hospitals. There is no need for doctors. Doctors are sinning at the Tree of Knowledge. England needs to withdraw from Europe. A very large sign, easily readable from Pas d Calais, saying “F U * K O F F”. i.e. please fu*k off permanently, for ten years so we can work out what to do with you next. Force old people into and dressed as the Home Guard. NB The Freedom of Information Act is only workable when read hanging upside down in front of a mirror.

“Get Shot of A Scot”. Independence From Scotland.

Cycling Only – No Cars.

France is the best country in the world devoid of any dereliction. So unlike England.