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Tamil Nadu

May 14, 2009

England has imported tropical vegetables, fruits, tea and spices probably since Portuguese Jews fled the Inquisition in Portugal to Goa, India well before 1500 AD. Scared off by Over Zelous Priests later Canonized as Saints like Saint Francis Xavier. Refer to Aldous Huxley’s non-fiction The Devils of Loudun.
Trade extended round Kerala and Tamil Nadu where there is a big offshore concrete Budha. English vegtables like carrots, onions and potatoes (originally from Brazil or Venezuela) (tbc) were obviously grown nearby locally in England and there was no need to import them. Rhurarb originated from The Himalayan mountains of Tibet.

A satelite, taking years to build and launched only once could be reasonably built in one continent and be geostationed over another. A passenger aircraft could still be built in Europe and flown to Asia for internal or international flights.

Oranges, banannas and cashew nuts cannot be grown in England. But there is Europe’s biggest greenhouse now in operation in Kent probably growing vine tomatoes.

Chinese restaurants in Europe have their interiors carved in China and imported.

Everything else should be made in England first or in Europe.

Bicycles ridden in England and Europe should be Made in England or Europe. Not Taiwan.