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September 7, 2009


As dusk approaches a Tawny (Barn) Owl swoops over wild flower meadows at Bassingfield. The gamekeeper, leans on among foliage Tollerton Airstrip Pill Box discharging a double barrelled shotgun unable to allow the birds to live.

A hare concealed in a shawn wheat field darts off jinking.

Non Urban Foxes retire here to fox holes one of them in one of the larger Pill Boxes sentries round Tollerton Airfield.

It is possible to cycle here rambling from The Grantham Canal Towpath to Grantham and places in between (only occasionally crossing roads but under a viaduct of the Roan Road The A60 from Leicester to Newark and Lincoln) (tbc) to Cotgrave, Harby and Redmile.

A culvert drains from underneath the airfield. In this flat once undersea world there are no watersheds.

Down in Nottingham the dreary socialist from Uttoxeter intercepts The Null and Void on Station Street Corner End.

Like a watershed (The Danube, Rhine and Rhone all start within inches of each other but flow in Four Heavenly Directions) The English Mob are forced to decide between the BNP, UKIP, New Labour and Tories.

President Dwight D Eisenhower (tbc) worryingly presided over The United States of America through The Thirties leading to The Second World War sending in A Single Spy into IBM New York to discover IBM President Watson of Hollerith had an office in Kaddettenweg, Lichtefelde West, Berlin opposite the Gestapo Officer Training College. The Serial Number on Prisoners Uniform was a Hollerith device who traded with IBM throughout the Second World War via Hollerith GmbH.

The War Got Rid of The Unemployed.©®*

Like the Black and White of the Prussian Flag pragmatic Eisenhower had not chosen which side of the watershed America would come out on, only being swayed by The Attack on Pearl Harbour.

So although The English Mob are forced to decide between the BNP, UKIP, New Labour and Tories (Their colours are not Black and White but, Red, White and Blue, Purple and Green) it would foolish to vote BNP or UKIP unless you live in Heanor, Sutton in Ashfield, Bradford, Burnley, Dagenham, Stoke on Trent and Barking.

It would be Barking Mad to vote for BNP as trained by Rechtsradikalen affiliates from Berlin Brandenburg (A frightful group who mean business With Chilling Effects)
The BNP would quickly swap their cheap suits for Black Shirts and form a Paramilitary Wing.

As became clear from Operationsheft GB dissenters who didn’t meet Erewash Man’s standards would discretely be transported via The Channel Tunnel, slowly stripped of their identity and earthbound positions ending in the obscure sodden Birch Meadow to abstract boreal forests into the oblivion of eternal night.

Many of the BNP are of shallow substance being upper working class, who envy how English women of all classes are enthralled by black men whose loins were hewn on the Savannah for a million years and only survived the Slave Ships from Natural Selection whist the Weedy English degenerate on The Rotten Island.

Once a woman goes with a black man there’s no going back.