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July 4, 2009

On The Island of England the Timebomb of Old Age is not going away. The Elderly as they are called because of their never called on wisdom Rule Brittania. The ever polite English cannot say explicitly outspoken but they are currently obsessed with euthanasia, the cost of care etc etc. Ad hoc charitable information trickles out from the NHS the current fad being preventing old people falling over. 90% of the cost of medical help administered to a citizen occurs in their last six weeks of life.

The English National Health Service is the biggest employer in the world and is often turned over (coloquially robbed) by Ambulance Chasing Lawyers.

The origin of this malaise is England et al Winning the Second World War with The Triumph of Democracy and Doctors. This generation is in charge and will continue to spend so they can grow old together. Their Mental Maps of the World are circa 1960.

Old People are not encouraged to cycle in case they fall over. In Kerala India everyone over 15 is an informal carer for those dying among them and it costs nought.
England is now at war with the world again. There are no deaths. The war is economic.
As Queen Elizabeth I said ‘I do not like wars. There outcome is uncertain.’