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Stragglethorpe, Radcliffe-on-trent

August 25, 2009

Apparently when Gordon Brown orchestrates the Cabinet Seating Layout he points saying ‘Gay, Woman, Bloke, Gay, Woman, Bloke’ until he gets round the 32 seat ovoid table pointing to himself saying nobody knows what.

Nathan Freudenthal Leopold, Jr. and Richard Albert Loeb were two Wealthy Jews who murdered Bobbo Franks, a 14 year old boy in Chicago in 1924, to commit The Perfect Crime and demonstrate The Uebermensch Principle. Intriguing the timing and location of young intellectual Jews indulging in uebermensch thoughts when Bridgit Hammann in Hitler’s Wein (Vienna) implies that about the same time Hitler’s haupt mentor was a Munich Jew afraid of the Ostjuden hords. Alfred Hitchcock’s film Rope where real or cinematic homoeroticism is displayed overtly between/the the two leading characters. The scene is a single uninterupted un-cut shot, with no bicycle clips in view so they probably got to the set, the crime scene by automobile, tramcar or subway.

Chicago, Homosexuality, Judaism, Nazism and Murder are linked albeit very tenuously with England and Unemployment when James Stewart as Rupert Cadell says ‘murder could conquer unemployment and poverty’. (tbc)

Baden Powell’s Scouting for Boys the inuendo laden title of the Boy Scouts Manual the Edwardian style of prose of the publication glibly refers to Killing the Unemployed. Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell Baden says they might be a ‘Model community, for they respect their Queen, and kill their unemployed’

In Jarrow c1975 there were no known enclaves of homosexuality only vague rumour links to ‘liberal’ and ‘politician’.

Obviously, all sexual persuations under the law are almost nearly now equal.

In Aberdeen in c1980 Grampian TV Continuity Announcer from Leeds’s catch phrase was ‘Ginger Peachy’, the main unusual phrase in the film Rope not voiced by John Dall the main character whose facinating portrayal of an upper class gay man easy to admire and empathise with, but by the young female debutant Joan Chandler playing Janet Walker.

The point is, its as well to remember the polar social origins of English politics even though it may be boring to Vote Labour in England, and people may not appear what they seem, it would be foolhardy to Vote for the Tories or BNP in England.