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June 13, 2009

If you tire of London or England fly over to Berlin and cycle round Brandenberg and Mecklenberg to Leipzig by train or visit Karl Linea’s garden near Dessau. Remember this area is less compact than England and landscapes can be bleak with little obvious facilities. Then you may just chance upon a lonely treasure like Lausitz. The Lake District beyond Oranianberg is full of surprises and empty beautiful landscapes bejewelled with villages. From Leipzig follow the tram route to isolated lakes beyond the plattenbau seidlung

Access Brandenberg and Mecklenberg-Vorpomern from Berlin railway stations. The obvious journey is to Potsdam. There are other more obscure trips. North to outer suburbs beyond the S-Bahn Ring but within the Berliner Ring. Step out at colonies at the end of S-Bahn lines to seidlungen often modelled on English country houses which in turn themselves were modelled on German Landhouses. Some isolated Landhouses became derelict during the DDR era but are now revived.

It was common for former owners of these and other houses to reclaim them especially on the Berlin-Berlin as at Glindow(tbc) where the STASSI had occupied the better houses of disenfranchised former Germans.

Other destinations include direct south to protogenic Brandenberg towns with cobbled streets and not much else. Travel along allees across the region where there is sure to be a burgeoning tourist accommodation industry.

Travel to Frankfurt am Oder to access Stetin on the Baltic. By careful this is still Injun Country. Safety is not guarenteed so plan ahead. You can always return to the safety of Germany.