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New Brighton

September 4, 2009

Brighton and Hove

Gay Cyclists or Gay English Cyclists may want to stay in Brighton. Fly to Gatwick Airport. Gatwick is half way between London and Brighton. Careful there may be limited cycle storage on 2 and 9 The Brighton Line.
(There used to be the Guards Van a storage area for innumerous bicycles.)

Welsh Culture is very Macho due to Rugby, The Armed Forces and Mining so if there were any Welsh Gay Men they may be in London.

St. Augustine may have said women are like cathedrals over sewers and London may be the cathedral over Brighton’s sewer. Like a body Brighton lies down below London.

Go directly from Brighton railway station to Royal Crescent near Brighton Marina and look out over the concealed sewer outfall building at the end of Volkes Railway there is a seedy run down park and Gay Pick-Up on wavy paths and tropical grass trees.

Wealthy Gay Men typically work in glamorous Jobs Up In London like journalism, aviation, property and television and retreat to Brighton and Hove Squares like Old Steine, New Steine, Brunswick Square, Bedford Square, Lewes Crescent , Western Terrace, Powis Square, Marine Parade, Western Parade, Palmira Square, Oriental Place, Clarence Square in their ironically white and clean Regency Stucco.

Even Brighton Tourist Board described the City of Brighton and Hove as raffish.

Sir Lawrence Olivier a handsome young man in Hollywood returned to wartime England to ferry Spitfires and Hurricanes behind The Front Line was drawn to a Regency Sea Front Crescent slung far below Kemptown Races.

The Brighton Races course overlooks Rottingdean where a new sewerage works is being build cleverly concealed as a chalk escarpment.

The Gay thoroughfare of Brighton is St. James’ Street, like a mini Old Compton Street (with a did rigid Klone Zone) leading down Kempton Road.

Escape through Kempton by bicycle worldly Brighton (where you can wait an hour and a quarter for Breakfast reading The Sunday Papers) to Peacehaven.

Brighton’s unique selling point is the cloistered wrought iron sky blue Victorian stairs that decorate the sandstone (tbc) cliff.

Like Tolly Cobold look back at Brighton from the hissing of the Pebbled Beach. Through Pavilion Pier see derelict wreck of West Pier. By night the twisled Helta Skelta is lit.

Muse on the demography of Brighton away from the crowd.
No other place in England is so Alternative.

The Green Party and The Green Party Conferance are here. The Body Shop was founded here opposite a Funeral Parlour. The Green Party (The Naïve Party) should be renamed The Home Party©™ or some word that has only one syllable. They are linked with Rainbow Warrior colours. Lush is in nearby Poole and The Bodyshop Warehouse is in Portslade.

Between Brighton and Hove is a ‘Jitteh’ off Western Road called King’s Gap (tbc) which will fade into obscurity as the Hippy State turns into a City.