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India and China

May 7, 2009

North America and Europe are linked across the Atlantic Ocean and by NATO. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Eons ago the rocks of the Appalation Mountains once joined The British Isles. Much of American Culture is Irish, Scottish, Scandanavian, German, Italian, Spanish, French and English. The main language is English. Its natural they are allies.

India and China or China and India are large and populous enough to trade internally as The Indian Empire and The Chinese Empire. There may be a very big cloud developing over Chinese coal fired power stations though.

Chairman Mao said when asked what is the impact of the French revolution, he famously replied: “It is too early too tell.” Chinese strongest culture is gambling and betting. Cycling is very widespread in China. Little or nothing in Chinese Culture suggests any love of America or Europe. Chinese films suggest a very cruel side to the Chinese Psyche. And there is little of the six Shakespeare plots in evidence. Yet America is partly at the mercy of China. Port facilities in America are owned by Asians. Bhudism appears to be more about self than community or society.

Hinduism, the religion of India embraces creation, use and destruction, birth, life and death. There is no embarrasment about pollution. Visit India. The Indians are happy despite everything: Maybe its the Nice Weather. India’s nuclear atomic rockets ‘Earth’ and ‘Fire’ are targetted not on Islamabad, Pakistan but Beijing (Peking), China.

In Europe Death has been abolished. No one is allowed to see The Dead.