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April 15, 2009

Rottingdean is a private girls school outside Brighton where students learn to become young ladies. Whilst cyling be well mannered and polite. Do not go through red lights if a motorist can see you.

Remember some drivers may be angry you not paying road tax or not having to fill up with petrol. In northern England drivers will not want to reduce speed or ‘drop a gear’ when turning left so expect them to ‘cut you up’. Do not scratch a car when going past them in traffic jams. Follow the national cycle network which planned to avoid major roads. Do not cycle on major road where single carriageways are shared with lorries: Its a death trap. If you for safety reasons need to cycle on a pavement, but on canal towpaths always, when passing obviously middle english looking people or dog owners, gesture in an exaggerated fashion to slow down: Stop even and let them pass. Always say ‘Sorry’. Mentioning the weather always calms English people.

Always let children first: dismount or stop. Go really slow past horses and do not startle them, as some are frightened by cycles. If it is safe pass horses in a broad circles on the other side of the road: Riders appreciate this. If talking to other cyclists do not mention cycling, it seems to bore them. Anglers sometimes block towpaths and do not like cyclists because the fish see them go past. When talking to narrow boat owners remember they cannot hear you because of the engine noise.