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May 9, 2009

Revolutions and Sea Changes occur in England on the quiet. Its the Ebb and Flow of History.

This time in France Henry V was so outnumbered he was obliged to butcher the French at Agincourt including 5000 noblemen thus ending the Age of Chivalry.

Margaret Hilda Thatcher of Grantham, a market town well to the east of, and not on a coalfield, castrated the Left. They can never recover.

Perhaps she really did despise the rough lads from the other end of the Grantham Canal.

Thatcher reminded the English who the police work for.

The English Aristocracy would rather have a Cockney Builder from Essex than someone strange. They have teak floors ready for their grandchildren to play on. It is too vile for them to have an English maid servant, better one from France or The Philipines. Despite being terribly nice they have a deep instict for cruelty. All have gun cupboards (just behind the front door) and panic rooms. They have no understanding of money as long as they get what they want. They cringe at the poor and live a life indoors within Euston Road, never ever having to brush shoulders with, listen to or take notice of the tedious mediocre mob outside. High windows never revealing what goes on under their drawing room chandaliers.

Many London Arabs, the only group allowed to interlope with the Aristocracy and live among them because of near unimaginable amounts of money they earned from the oil under their tents. When they are not in London they are in Newmarket or Epsom.

The Aristoracy, the Upper Classes, the Toffs as they are called would be far nicer to the Working Classes if there was not a Middle Class in between spoiling everything.

The Toffs are lovely people if you know them personally. They are kind, funny and generous.

The English Aristocracy travel by Rolls Royce not bicyles.